Richard is currently writing for the CBS drama God Friended Me. He is an alum of the Warner Bros. Writers' Workshop for TV writing.

Walk The Prank, "The Earth Gets Mooned" (Disney XD)
• Episode 213
Logline: The gang takes part in an annual science competition at school, but they have trouble with their project partners.

Dr. Ken, "Ken Tries Stand Up" (ABC)
• Episode 121
Logline: A visit from Ken’s college friend (guest star Jeff Ross as Doug), a touring stand-up comedian, ultimately spurs Ken to pursue his own lifelong dream of stand-up comedy. But when he does it, suddenly it’s not as easy as he thought, nor does it go as he planned, on the season finale.

Growing Up Dictator: The Wonder Years of North Korea by Kim Jong-un - original half-hour pilot
2016 Austin Film Festival Finalist (top 5)
• 2016 Staffing Survey honorable mention
Logline: A present day Kim Jong-un, Supreme Leader of North Korea, looks back on his life in 1994, the year he was named heir to the throne. Not wanting to fulfill his family’s legacy of ruling North Korea with an iron fist, he tries to sabotage his future as dictator.

Education, Secondary” – original half-hour pilot
• 2013 Austin Film Festival Semifinalist (top 10)
Logline: A gung-ho principal fights to improve her high school, despite rigid district bureaucracy, apathetic students, and a ragtag staff of teachers and administrators. First, she must find a replacement for her best math teacher, who checked himself into a mental hospital in the wake of a mysterious scandal involving a manipulative – and overly flirtatious – female student. The show is Veep in a high school.

“Emergency” – spec for the NBC show Up All Night
Logline: When Reagan freaks out about the safety of herself, Chris, and Amy during an earthquake, she goes into disaster preparedness overdrive. Meanwhile, Ava discovers Twitter and interacts with her fans like never before.